Straight teeth can have a big impact on your smile.

We often recommend straightening teeth before treatment to help you clean and maintain your smile afterwards, and to help improve aesthetics.

Nowadays, with the novel use of Clear Retainers, such as Invisalign, achieving a straight smile is discreet, simple and quick.

Clear Retainers

Clear retainers are a simple method to straighten your teeth, by changing the retainer every week to improve your smile. Courses of treatment can be as quick as 3 months and teeth whitening can often also be provided alongside.


At Horsham Dental Studio, we offer more than one Clear Retainer system to find the right one for you. We also have invested in a state-of-the-art dental scanner to avoid impressions and give you a 3D representation of what can be achieved.

Freequently asked questions

Do I have to wear it everyday?

The retainers need to be use consistently to make sure they can move the teeth. We often advise around 20 hours a day. With the way they are designed, they are thin and discreet so you often forget you’re wearing them!

Can I eat with my retainers?

We recommend for them to be taken out when eating and drinking.

How would I clean it?

They can be brushed with your normal toothbrush. Your dentist and hygienist will show and advise you of the process so you are confident with how to look after them.

Is it expensive?

We offer interest-free finance to make the process as accessible as possible for you. Prices start from £230 per month.

What happens afterwards?

When your retainers have completed their job to straighten your teeth, you will be provided a retainer to use every few days overnight. Alternatively, you may be provided with a fixed wire behind the teeth to keep them in place. You can discuss the options with your dentist.

Can I do whitening too?

Clear retainers can often also be used as whitening trays. Your dentist will discuss this with you at the consultation but we often offer deals to provide you with a straighter and whiter smile at the same time!

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